Wings for Life Grant Application

The Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a privately funded research charity organisation with the exclusive aim to perform/promote basic and clinical research related to spinal cord injury. Research projects may address all aspects of spinal cord lesions

  • nerve regeneration
  • trophic support of lesioned neurons
  • functional changes induced by lesions
  • preferentially in mammalian models


Proposals should have a view to

  • translation from the laboratory to the clinical setting and
  • have the potential to provide real benefits to human patients


Clinical research projects can be situated in the fields of

  • diagnosis
  • acute lesion management including surgery, neurology, urology, rehabilitation
  • other areas related to paraplegia

Besides the translational aspect, another preference is given to projects which focus also on chronic spinal cord injury.

If these criteria apply to you, you are eligible to submit an Executive Summary.

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